Hair for Life Center | About Us
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About Us

The Hair for Life Center

At the Hair for Life Center, we are dedicated to improving the lives of both, women and men, who are experiencing thinning hair and hair loss.

With our exclusive, non-surgical method, the Intralock™ Process safely and effectively improves the appearance of your hair.

Whether you want a subtle change or want to address a large area of concern, our professionally licensed cosmetologists, trained in the art of hair enhancement, will help you achieve the look that you desire in the privacy of your own styling room.

Offering a full range of services for women and men with mild to moderate hair thinning and hair loss, our goal is to overcome the stigma and give you back the hair that you are dreaming of.

If you are a woman who is not a candidate for hair extensions because of the lack of hair on top of your head or a man who is opposed to shaving their hair off and gluing a toupee on their head, then the Intralock™ Process is the answer that you have been looking for!

Schedule a complimentary consultation today and see how great you can look with more hair!

No Money Down

No interest payment plans. Contact us for a complimentary consult.

Prefer a call? Reach us at 201-731-3530