Hair for Life Center | Women’s Hair Loss
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Women’s Hair Loss

Our Solution for Women's Hair Loss


There are many reasons that one in three women experience thinning hair and hair loss; the most common are stress, thyroid irregularities, medication, and hereditary.

Our exclusive, non-surgical method of hair enhancement, the Intralock™ Process, works with your existing hair by blending real human hair strands between your damaged, fine hair. Once applied, the primary thinning areas become full again. This technique allows your own natural hair to grow and breathe, avoiding any further damage as you would experience with glue-in and weaving methods.

We know that discretion is very important to you. That is why all of our application rooms are private and discrete. In as little as 2 to 3 hours, the Intralock™ Process achieves a beautiful head of hair that you can wash, brush and style as your own.

Helping women with chronic hair loss is what we do. The Intralock™ process safely and effectively improves the appearance of thinning hair, replacing self-consciousness with self-confidence!

Schedule a complimentary consultation today and see how great you can look with more hair!

Our Intralock Process Can Help With:


Thinning Hair



Alopecia Areata


How The Intralock Process Works

The IntraLock Process loops strands to your existing hair, creating a full head of hair without surgery or adhesives. See The IntraLock Process in action.

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Money Back Guarantee

Live with your new hair for three weeks! If not fully satisfied, we offer a money back guarantee! Call for details.*

Try Before You Buy

See how you can look with fuller hair at no cost!

Pay Over Time

Enjoy the benefits of a full head of hair, while paying for it over time.

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