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Our Solution for Trichotillomania

(Hair Pulling)


Regardless of the age or gender, Trich can be a devastating disorder to live with, particularly as it can affect an individual’s physical well-being, mental health and social life.

At the Hair For Life Center, we provide help for children, teens and adults who suffer from Trichotillomania. Our caring staff will guide you every step of the way during your journey from the initial consultation visit right through to the day of your new hair application. Every guest is offered a private room where our hair experts replace the broken, pulled out areas to give you the hair of your dreams!

Our non-surgical method, the IntraLock™ Process, offers a safe and effective solution for those who pull at the scalp area only, providing a natural head of hair within two to three hours. The IntraLock™ Process is applied with a base, called a matrix, which has healthy human hair strands applied to it. Those human hair strands are blended around and over the areas that have been pulled out, protecting the scalp so that the hair can grow back. It is also valuable to note, that when the IntraLock™ Process is applied, it has been known to help some stop the urge to pull.

Children, teens and adults do not have to suffer or be embarrassed by their hair loss any longer. If you or a loved one is suffering from Trichotillomania, contact us today and take hope in knowing that the solution you are looking for is just a phone call or click away.

Helping Younger Pullers

We know how emotional Trich can be for a child who suffers with this disorder, so visiting our center may initially be a little overwhelming. Therefore, we offer a free, private 45 minute phone consultation with our hair expert to provide a thorough, informative evaluation to see if the Intralock™ Process is the right solution for your child’s needs. Contact us today to schedule the free, private consult with our hair expert or if you would like more generalized information, then you can chat with one of our representatives today.

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