Giving Back to the Community

For the past two years the Hair for Life Center has been honored to participate in the CAU Theater Program. This year’s event was Hairspray! CAU offers the opportunity for people with disabilities to perform on stage in front of a live audience! Our part in this wonderful community was to donate our time and proprietary hair product – The Intralock Process – to the cast.

The word inspiration is an understatement when meeting these special people! Everyday they come to the stage full of life always wearing a smile no matter what adversities they are dealing with. Just curling their hair or in this case putting (a lot) of Hairspray for the event is a very exciting moment for the people in the cast.

This year there was a very special person who fell in love with her Hair for Life process during the production, that we gifted it to her for life!


Joyce is battling cancer and from the chemo she has lost all her hair. Now not only can Joyce be reminded of her special part she played in this year’s production Hairspray, but she now can enjoy Hair for Life!

When you take your training for Hair Replacement and turn it into something more than a business, you feel so much gratitude giving back to the community! We feel privileged and honored to have met such a wonderful group of people and look forward to next year’s event!