Three Causes of Hair Loss in Women

Your hair is an important part of your body because it shows your style and personality. When you experience hair loss, you lose part of the power of choosing how you want to look. At The Hair for Life Center, we are dedicated in helping women who are experiencing thinning hair and hair loss. Our exclusive, non-surgical technique, known as the Intralock Process, is the solution that will give you your hair and your confidence back.

If you are experiencing hair loss, it is a clear indicator that your body is reacting to an underlying cause. It is important to know why you are losing your hair, so that you can take preventive and/or corrective actions. Here are the three most common causes for hair loss in women:


High levels of stress are very harmful to your body. In addition to headaches, insomnia, and depression, chronic stress can also lead to hair loss. Scientists discovered that your body might react to increased levels of stress by shutting down the production of hair. It does that to ensure all your energy goes to vital structures as a self-defense mechanism. In some cases, women experience delayed hair loss months after a traumatic or stressful event. Hair regrowth can occur a few months later, but it’s not guaranteed.


Don’t let the complicated name give you the wrong impression: Trichotillomania is more common than you probably imagine. Women with this disorder feel an uncontrollable desire to pull out their hair, resulting in noticeable hair loss. Preadolescents and young adults are more likely to develop trichotillomania, especially those between 9 and 13 years old. At these ages, when many girls are experiencing the social and emotional changes of adolescence, hair loss can have a negative impact on confidence.


While chemotherapy drugs are effective treatments for cancer in most cases, they also damage hair follicles and cause hair loss. The first two months of chemotherapy are usually the worst for hair loss and your scalp may feel very sensitive. The good news is that hair might begin to grow back even before the end of chemotherapy.

While these are the three most common causes of hair loss in women, several other conditions lead to female pattern baldness. We understand that hair is empowering and women are free to choose their preferred hairstyle. However, when a woman feels like hair loss is taking her choice away, we’re here to help with our revolutionary hair technique. Contact us through our website or by calling (201) 731-3530 and thake the first step to regaining your hair confidence!